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Quality and variety are the cornerstones of our business and we are continually adding quality offerings to our menu of services to the delight of our customers. We want to be a one-stop shop at what we do so our customers can relax reassured that we will take care of all their needs end-to-end. Many of our services have evolved based on feedback from our customers and inspired imagination from our employees. If you do not find something you need, ask us, we may do it just for you!

Our Trip Charge is $80, which will go towards the Total Repair if you decide to have it completed with us.
North Canton Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerator Repair

Are you having fridge problems? If your fridge is not staying cold, making strange sounds, or is leaking water, it's definitely time to call the crew at CL's Repair Services to have a look. We'll diagnose the problem, recommend and quote the cost of repairs before we begin, and even re-stock the refrigerator when we're done. If it's still not working right, we'll come back until it is. That's the five-star service you deserve!

North Canton Dishwasher Repair

Dishwasher Repair

When you have problems with your dishwasher, your problems can be much worse than having to wash all the dishes by hand. You could risk a clogged drain, leakage onto your floors, or a spike in your water bill. Be sure to call the pros at CL's Repair Services to have a look into the root of the issue. We are familiar with the mechanics of dishwashers from all brands, and will provide speedy repairs and considerate customer care every step of the way.

North Canton Laundry Room Appliance Repair

Laundry Room Appliance Repair

Looking clean and put together is so much harder when you don't have a working washer and dryer. At CL's Repair Services, we are the experts in all makes and models of laundry room appliances, and are eager to help you get yours up and running like new. Beyond simply repairing the washer and dryer, we also offer dryer vent cleaning services, water line repair, and scheduled check-ups to make sure everything stays working properly.

North Canton Oven Repair

Oven Repair

There's no need to replace your Stove/Oven if it's not heating up like it used to. Burners unable to ignite or even your display not showing its digits. Maybe the glass needs cleaned inside so you can see your food baking. We can do it all for you.

North Canton Television Repair

Television Repair

Entertainment is an integral part of everyones lives. The television has become one of the most favorite sources of entertainment for almost every household. If you have lost Audio or Video, It may not be a cable box issue, it needs repaired.